SHORT Films To Commercial Projects.....

“The Daydream” (With BTS)

“The Daydream” is a secondary edit created out of another short film “My Master’s Garden”. “The Daydream” was edited into a film-noir styled piece and entered into L.A.N.N.E.F.F. where it won Best Film, tied for Best Director and won for Best Female Performance.

“Quitter” is a short film that was written, filmed, and edited in 2 days.

Breaking Bread is a short film that was done as a zero budget project. It was done with some of the kids from Nova University high school. Everyone contributed their time for this fun project. Sorry, the first few minutes of dialog is a little on the echo side.

“Picture Story” is one of the episodes that was shot for Polaroid University’s online learning website. This was part of the “On The Road” series that was shot guerrilla style in NY.

This mini-doc was done for Nova Southeastern University as part of its post graduate reach out program.

This piece was done for the Polaroid museum in Las Vegas. It discusses an old photo process known as image transfer.

“Girls of the NVL at the Preakness”

This is a segment from the tv show we created for the inaugural season of the National Volleyball League. If features a photoshoot with female volleyball players on a horse ranch.