Music Video’s

WHO Doesn't Like a Music Video?

“Both Sides of the Coin”


This video is comprised of 99% stock footage from a clip service assembled as a reference in an attempt to find the feel of the underlying song. It was an experiment in trying to create something completely related by assembling the totally unrelated. The color work was used to try and tie  random footage shot by a random people into a single cohesive work and to give the feel that it shot to intentionally be part of the same piece. As an aside, I am one of the writers of the song.

This video was shot as part of the Video-In-A-Day package. It was shot on location in the Florida Keys. It features some cool compositing as the band is all one member. It also incorporates some interesting color work.

This video was shot as part of the Video-In-A-Day package. It features real time slow motion.

While this isn’t really a music video per se. It was a promo for a model that I worked up music video style.

“I Want To Be an American Too”

This is a video make largely from stock footage for the Dan Sheridan song.

This is a video with a Carribean feel. It also was shot in a day for Fritz Bonostro.

This is another video from the video-in-a-day package. This was a very low budget promo, but a little extra color work brought it a long way. It is included here for the color work.