Video Production

We offer the finest quality video production utilizing the latest DSLR technology. Our vast experience in both studio settings and on location will ensure that your project looks great wherever it is. While we specialize in DSLR technology, we are also expertly versed in most other current and evolving platforms including RED, Blackmagic, Mirrorless, 360 and most other technologies.

Post Production

A great project requires great post production.  Patience, experience, and creativity are all needed in the post production phase. It’s not only knowing what to add, but often its what not to as well. Sometimes great post production simply requires an outside look.

Editing and Color

With vast experience on all of the major editing platforms (Avid, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premier and After Effects), we can always make sure your editing is done well and on time for deadline. We are also experienced with all of the  latest in color tools including Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista.

Web Content

Content is king these days. Don’t let your content get stale. If you want traffic to come back to your site, keep the content fresh.  We can help you establish a plan for your content. We specialize in shooting with an eye on re-purposing. You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to have great revolving content and tons of material for your blogs and SEO.


We can help from concept to finish when you are making your documentary. We can help where you need it and remove ourselves from where you don't. We can help chart the course for a realistic shooting schedule and are prepared with large or small crews. We can also provide the right size crew and everything needed when your film requires travel.


Whether it’s the introduction of new corporate concepts, corporate training, compliance related projects, or anything along the corporate spectrum we will make video presentation effective as well as engaging.

Goldman Films Demo

Zen Digitals Promo

Featured Video Of The Month

Figment – Both Sides of the Coin

This video was created using 99% stock footage. The challenge was to make it all fit together and look like it was shot intentionally. Color work and creativity prevailed.