DEFYING Catagorization....

“Polaroid University Demo”

This is a demo showcasing some of the Polaroid University material from the Miami session. These were shot in the studio with the exception of the nature episode which was shot in the Everglades.

This is a mashup from the show “Catch to Cook”. “Catch to Cook” is a show that was shot in the Florida Keys in which a chef goes out on a fishing boat and prepares whatever they catch. This episode featured Chef Ben Coole, who passed away shortly thereafter.

“Buster Welch Talks Cows”

This is an excerpt from “A Day at the Ranch” with Buster Welch

This is one in a series of videos shot for livestrong.com featuring health and beauty expert David Pollack.

This is a promotional video that was done for tennis phenom Andreas Golindano when he was young. He is currently one of the top ranked players in the state of Florida.

This is a short string sampling some of the hundreds of promo’s that were done for ION Television.

This is a showcase video for a rental home in the Florida keys.

“The Kardashians for Reebok”

This old video was created during a photoshoot for the Kardashians for Reebok.

This piece was done during the inaugural season of the National Volleyball League. It was a fun piece that was used during the television show between sets.

When I was auditioning for “Designing Spaces” I put together this sample clip. There is no reason to include it here other than that I was giving tribute to my wife, who stars in the clip. LOL.

This is a child’s blog sample. This episode was done for a local church to promote their voluntary Soupmobile drive.